NAID – English

The Núcleo de Apoio à Inclusão Digital is a specialized resource center of the Escola Superior de Educação of the Polytechnic of Porto that aims to disseminate and promote the use of technologies as a way to enhance the activity and participation of people with special needs. It develops activities of dissemination and transfer of knowledge, functional evaluation, support and training, and research, in a multidisciplinary perspective that involves professionals from various areas.

The center has a wide range of equipment and facilitating devices designed to improve functionality and reduce disability, with the aim of enabling people to perform activities and participate in the fields of learning and professional and social life.

Initially conceived to provide specialized support in educational contexts, the NAID has been acquiring an increasingly eclectic character and widening the scope of its intervention to areas it considers a priority, now having the following valences

Support to students of polytechnic higher education (P.Porto);
Socio professional integration of citizens with disabilities and/or incapacity through direct or indirect support to end users in technical aids or support technologies;
Follow-up of disadvantaged social groups;
Functional support in assistive technologies to children with special educational needs;
Awareness-raising activities on the issue of info-exclusion;
Research and even monitoring of professional integration internships for citizens with disabilities, reinforced by the fact that the Center resides in the same physical space where many other training activities related to disability or intervention with socially disadvantaged populations are developed.

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